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Memes of the Floating World ART

The mysterious, new & delightfully infectious ukiyomemes burst on the scene in early 2020 with brilliant mashups of ukiyo-e style prints & viral internet memes. ancient Japanese woodblock prints are incredibly popular in tee designs & tattoos at the moment, so combining them with the language of the web, memes seems like a no-brainer. It's the studied & refined execution of this concept that has caused memes of the floating world to blow up. they are now being distributed by Sideshow Collectibles, However, you can still order a variety of print formats & sizes from

These hilarious artworks are available at society6 in a variety of formats; framed, canvas, art prints & new recessed frame prints ranging from 8x10" to 26x38"

The printing quality, ease of ordering & Worldwide shipping make Society6 the ideal place to buy the art you love.

Warning: the FOMO is real, many s6 artists become famous & remove their art from the platform as other more lucrative offers require exclusivity, so if you love these prints don't wait too long before placing your order!


A pair of framed art prints featuring Japanese ukiyo-e style portraits of the internet meme, Woman Yelling at Cat - But instead geisha yelling at cat & Cat taunting geisha


🖼️ "Is This a Pigeon ?" & "definitely not a pigeon" duo Canvases

A couple of framed art prints displaying ukiyo-e style portraits of the internet meme, Is This a Pigeon? - A samurai ponders. . . a passing butterfly


🖼️ "Tacgnol" & "Longcat" Duo Canvases

A pair of canvas art prints in the Japanese ukiyo-e style of the internet meme, Tacgnol vs Longcat


🖼️ "This is Fine" & "Doge Meme" Canvas Prints

Two canvas prints of the internet memes, "This Is Fine & Doge" as Japanese ukiyo-e style portraits


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