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Venom in the Asian Spiderverse

🤟 Nihao Artists & Art Fiends!

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🕷️🕸️🎨 Congratulations, you've made it to the final installment of The Art of the Asian Spiderverse featuring Venom & Carnage illustrated by outstanding Asian artists, including Puppeteer Lee, Peach Momoko, David Nakayama & many more. Some of these artworks are official covers from Marvel comics, while others are fan-made creations. If you haven't seen the other Spiderverse posts yet, please enjoy Spider-Man, Silk & Gwen & Miles.

Venom & Carnage are two of the most iconic & terrifying villains in the Marvel universe. They are both symbiotes, alien parasites that bond with a host granting them incredible powers. Venom was the first symbiote to bond with Spider-Man, but later found a new host in Eddie Brock, a disgruntled journalist who hated Spider-Man. Carnage was the offspring of Venom, who bonded with Cletus Kasady, a psychotic serial killer who enjoyed spreading chaos & bloodshed. Together, they have caused countless problems for Spider-Man & other heroes, as well as each other.

👨‍🎨 Puppeteer Lee (🇲🇾) @puppeteerlee

Puppeteer Lee is a freelance artist from Ipoh, Malaysia. He specializes in digital & traditional painting for sci-fi concept art, video games & comic book cover art. His signature style is moody, Neo-Expressionist paintings featuring dynamic compositions & gritty, hand-made textures. Some of his clients include Image, Marvel, DC & Dark Horse Comics.


👩‍🎨 Peach Momoko (🇯🇵) @peachmomoko60

Peach Momoko is one of the most sought after creators in the comic book world. She is an innovative Japanese comic book artist & writer who blends Japanese folklore with Marvel mythos in the visionary stories., Demon Days & Demon Wars. She has also created remarkable covers for Star Wars, X-Men, Spider-Man, & Several other Marvel titles as well as independent comics,


👨‍🎨 David Nakayama (🇺🇸) @davidnakayama

David Nakayama is an Asian American artist, He is one of the most talented & prolific comic cover artists in the industry today working for Marvel, DC, Image, & Star Wars. He was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, & studied at The Kubert School of Cartooning. He started his career as an art intern at Top Cow Productions, where he learned from the legendary Marc Silvestri. He then moved on to Marvel Comics, where he worked on titles such as Hulk, Spider-Man, Big Hero 6, & Deadpool.

Inhyuk Lee Spidergeddon Marvel comicbook cover
Clog2 Spiderman  Marvel comicbook cover Asian art

👨‍🎨 ClogTwo (🇸🇬) @clogtwo

Clogtwo is a renowned visual artist & graffiti writer from Singapore, who has been creating stunning artworks since 2004. He is the co-founder & creative director of Ink & Clog Studio. He is known for his signature style of “MechaSoul”, which blends intricate mechanical elements with pop culture icons. He has worked with various mediums, from spray paint to digital media, & has collaborated with many famous brands, such as Mercedes-Benz, G-Shock, Google, & Mighty Jaxx.

David Nakayama Asian Artist Spiderman Marvel comic book cover art

👨‍🎨 InHyuk Lee 이인혁 (🇰🇷) @leeinhyuk

Inhyuk Lee is a talented & versatile artist who has created stunning covers for many comic books, including Marvel, DC, Image, & IDW. He is based in Seoul, Korea, where he also works as a character designer & an art teacher. He has had a passion for drawing anime illustrations since childhood, & he has developed his own unique style that combines realism with fantasy. He is widely admired for his extraordinary digital artwork that showcases his exceptional skills & imagination.


👨‍🎨 SXVN (🇲🇾)

SXVN is a Malaysian artist who specializes in digital art & character design. He is inspired by anime, comics, & video games, he has created his own original series called Sengoku Samurai which reimagines the classic superheroes in a feudal Japanese setting. He is also known for his fan art of Marvel, DC, Star Wars, & Kamen Rider characters, among others. He also teaches art online offering tips & insights to aspiring artists.

Peach Momoko Japanese Artist Spiderman Marvel comic book cover art

👨‍🎨 Is Yuniarto (🇮🇩) @is.yuniarto

Is Yuniarto is a talented & versatile Indonesian comic book artist & writer who has created many popular & original works. He is best known for his series Garudayana, Grand Legend Ramayana, & Wind Rider, which are inspired by traditional Javanese Shadow puppetry, wayang. He is also a collaborator of Bumilangit, a collective of Indonesian comic creators who aim to revive & promote the local comic industry.

👨‍🎨 Lucas Pereira (🇧🇷) @lucaspereiraart

Lucas Pereira is a Brazilian artist who has been creating amazing illustrations of iconic comic book characters like The X-men, Spider-Man & Batman as colorful feudal Japanese warriors. He uses digital tools to create stunning images with realistic details in dynamic poses. On his Patreon he shares process videos, sketches & finished art prints for supporters.

👨‍🎨 DCWJ aka Derrick Chew (🇸🇬) @dcwj

Derrick Chew, aka DCWJ, is a freelance digital artist from Singapore who specializes in character illustrations & concept art for various entertainment & gaming industries. He has worked with renowned companies such as Games Workshop, Square Enix, Epic Games & Applibot. He has also created stunning comic book covers for DC & Marvel Comics.

👨‍🎨 Quirkilicious aka Drake Tsui (🇨🇦) @quirkiliciouz

Quirkilicious aka Drake Tsui is a Canadian freelance illustrator who has been creating amazing artworks for over 10 years. He specializes in digital paintings, featuring characters from video games, cartoons, anime, comics, & movies. He has worked with prominent companies such as Bioware, Riot Games, Upperdeck & Blizzard Entertainment.

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Our mission is 2 elevate Asian Art & Artists by exposing more ppl 2 their dazzling work as well as providing a resource for art lovers 2 find astoundingly creative products 2 art up their lives, all while making enough money 2 support our family 😁.

You may help support our mission & get lots of extra content, commissions, Art discussions by subscribing 2 our Patreon, Buymeacoffee or Ko-Fi.

let me know what you think & which artists or topics you'd like to see in future issues of AZN ART ZINE.

💖 YM

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