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Everything You Need To Know About YM Shop

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Yellow Menace is Your One Stop Online Asian Art Market

What do you need help with..?

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   The Slanted Eye on Asian Art since 2013.

   Featuring artists of all races, sizes, genders & persuasions creating Asian inspired contemporary, pop, digital, vector, graffiti, toys, anime, manga & fan art.


   My Asian themed art collections are the most popular feature on the blog & my pride & passion (Samurai, Monkey King, Bruce Lee, Asian Star Wars & more). 

I curate art from multiple sources over months or years to bring you the most diverse & thorough art collections with plenty of reference videos, interviews & articles, including my signature, HAIKU Art Reviews .

● Haiku reveals truth

● Concision is most complex

● The art of being


   Asian Art is the heart of my blog, but I occasionally swing into; Film, Dance, Music & Fashion.

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   Like the mighty octopus, YM's resilient tentacles probe & slither deeper into the cybertubes of the interwebz.


  ● Facebook is where I chill & scroll for interaction & inspiration. I know that's not hip anymore & shows my age, but it's where I can find the best of just about everything.

   Including my Asian Art Merch Store, an online pop-up shop featuring select art prints, tees, device cases, books & films.


   On FB you’ll also find the Asian Art Revolution group, a visual think tank for artists & art lovers to share their work, events & advice.


  ● Pinterest is another hub to feature art from my Blog, Tumblr & beyond with 20+ Asian artboards to satisfy your fix for eye candy.


  ● Twitter is linked to YM Blog, Pinterest & Tumblr so it’s a handy way to follow most of my activity online. 


  ● Tumblr is for showcasing emerging artists, promoted posts from YM Blog & affiliate art. 


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   #ArtistsRevolution is a new initiative to raise awareness & effect a paradigm shift regarding online art. This is real hashtag activism aiming to increase respect & profitability for artists on the interwebz.


   This movement arose from 4 years of near full time art blogging, seeing websites, galleries, bloggers, art fans & even artists themselves give little regard to creations posted or the creators who worked so hard to unearth these gems of the imagination.

   #ArtistsPut1st is the slogan for the revolution & my centering mantra, which guides everything I do here. I realize that without creators I am nothing, so my mission is to help artists succeed online, so they can continue creating inspirational magic.


   This includes advice on selling art & products, more effective social media promotion, combating art theft through organized collective action, etc…

   I'll be posting tips, posts & memes in order to spread the message.


   I'm also looking for collaborators, so please contact me here if you have any useful ideas. 

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