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🙏 Nihao Artists & Art Fans

👩‍🎨 Celebrating female Hong Kong artist, LITTLE THUNDER as part of the premiere issue of YM's - AZN ART ZINE. Prepandemic, this prolific freelance & comicbook illustrator was gaining international recognition with her 2 artbooks (Scent of Hong Kong & Sisterhood), A feature on the 2021 cover of the acclaimed yearly Tankobon compendium, "Illustration" as well as a solo show at L’illustre Galerie LE MONDE in tokyo.

*ATTN: This blog post contains affiliate links which you can use to buy the artist's work & other items &/or services. I receive a small commission for each sale, this doesn't not affect the price you pay nor the artist's profit.


Little Thunder is just the first "article" which will be edited with 2 upcoming vids to comprise my 1st video magazine. I've been developing this idea for almost a year & I'm finally getting it off the ground..

(bc I'm a mentally-ill, loser, who sucks).

YM benefactors on Patreon, BuyMeAcoffee & Ko-Fi get early access to all my art videos which contain a swankier music track than the version released on YellowMenace18 YouTube channel. This video features the Chinese hip-hop single "New World" by Vava, Yellow Claw & Krewella.


Little Thunder has scores of art prints available @ Society6. If U love her art, don't hesitate to order framed, canvas or art prints before she removes her shop. This isn't marketing FOMO, I have seen other artists get popular & then their representation asks them to close their POD shops. Henn Kim is one recent example I can recall.

Also U can support her @

> > > Society6 Prints > > >


All of these stunning art, framed & Canvas prints can be yours @ Society6


> > > Society6 Prints > > >

> > > Society6 Prints > > >

> > > Society6 Prints > > >


"Scent of Hong Kong" - "Sisterhood" - "Illustration 2021" Artbooks @ Amazon


I Used the following assets from Envato Elements to create the AZN ART ZINE video celebrating Little Thunder:



As an "Artrepreneur", Envato Elements has everything I need to create marketing ads for social media; with music, transitions, backgrounds & Adobe templates to easily edit YouTube videos. I've been subscribed to Envato Elements since 2018 & they continually provide me with the all assets I need to be my most creative & efficient.


I aspire 2 elevate Asian Art & Artists by exposing more ppl 2 their dazzling work as well as provide a resource for art lovers 2 find astoundingly creative products 2 art up their lives, all while making enough money 2 support my family 😁.


let me know what you think & which artists or topics you'd like to see in future issues of AZN ART ZINE.

💖 YM

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