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Minami's Anime Maximalism

🤟 Yokozo, Artisans & Art Appreciators!

👩‍🎨 Let's take a journey into the detailed world of Japanese artist, Minami ミナミ who mixes anime & realistic styles to create fantastic portraits of original characters surrounded by a plethora of exquisite natural elements.

You can find more of minami's art at Pixiv , Twitter or foundation.

As an "Artrepreneur", Envato Elements has everything I need to create marketing ads for social media; with music, transitions, backgrounds & Adobe templates to easily edit YouTube videos. I've been subscribed to Envato Elements since 2018 & they continually provide me with the all assets I need to be my most creative & efficient.

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Our mission is 2 elevate Asian Art & Artists by exposing more ppl 2 their dazzling work as well as providing a resource for art lovers 2 find astoundingly creative products 2 art up their lives, all while making enough money 2 support our family 😁.

You may help support our mission & get lots of extra content, commissions, Art discussions by subscribing 2 our Patreon, Buymeacoffee or Ko-Fi.

let me know what you think & which artists or topics you'd like to see in future issues of AZN ART ZINE.

💖 YM

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